A fiction dystopia of a future theocratic USA in 2073

God Save Us from 21st Century Puritans

.  Puritans were among the early European Colonialists  who came and stayed on the eastern coast of America. They had been subjected to intolerance of their religious beliefs and practices in Europe, and celebrated their new freedom in America by establishing a theocracy. Historians have well studied, and documented, just how tyrannical and totalitarian their ‘civilization’ became, and just how great the number of atrocities committed among Puritans “In the name of God,” and for the sake of ‘PURITY’; at least, as they interpreted Biblical Standards. 

Sexual morality was given special attention by the Puritans. The records tell of hundreds of colonial sinners forced to sit in the stocks in public view for sexual immorality.  For example, in 1656 Captain Kemble of Boston was put in public stocks for two hours for his “lewd and unseemly behavior,” which consisted of kissing his wife in public on the Sabbath on the doorstep of his house after his return from a three-year voyage.   Unfortunately, American Puritanism deeply infected the DNA of the USA. The country continued for hundreds of years without ever fully escaping the bane of the Puritanical, moralistic views regarding SEXUAL PURITY.

After the U.S. Supreme Court, in 1973, published the ruling of Roe v Wade, the struggle began with renewed intensity.  “Roe v Wade” seemed to punctuate the advancing civil rights movements of both feminism, and a sexual revolution.  This was far too much for the ‘purityrannical’ descendants of the Puritans. 


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